Commodore 128 A/V Breakout

Smart lille device som gør det rigtig nemt at tilslutte din Commodore 128 og 128D til et moderne TV – baseret på design af Sven Petersen.

Dokumentation for enheden (Gengivet fra

The A/V-Adaptor allows to connect standard S-Video and Audio or Composite-Video cables to the A/V-Jack of the Commodore C64.
A 330 resistor to attenuate the Chroma signal for S-Video is installed, but it can be deactivated by setting a jumper (JP2). This attenuation is required, since the chroma signal has a level, which is too high for standard S-Video.
Further, the audio input can be connected to GND, in case it is not in use to reduce the noise introduction.

The two audio output jacks can be connected by a jumper. Alternatively, the stereo sound output (A/V-Jack, pin 7, in case a 2nd SID is installed inside the C64) can be connected to the right channel of the audio output. The first SID output is connected to the left channel of the audio output.


The A/V-Plug for the C64 is the inner part of a Lumberg 033099 SV 80 DIN-Plug (8 pins, horse shoe = 262°). It provides a round plastic shell of the DIN-connector and long enough pins, so the adaptor can sit firmly in the A/V jack. The inner part of a cheaper (standard) connector cannot be used, since it does not sit firm enough.

S-Video Jack
A vertical PCB mount Mini-DIN jack (4 circuits)
Pin Signal
1 GND (Luminance)
2 GND (Chrominance)
3 Luminance
4 Chrominance

Audio Out (mono/left)
Audio Out (mono/right)
Audio In
Composite Video

Se en kort video om produktet her :

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